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Leather Edge Beveler Leathercraft Edge Tool

Leather Edge Beveler Leathercraft Edge Tool

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Enhance your leather craftsmanship with the KemovanCraft Leather Edge Beveler Set. Available in five sizes (#0, #1, #2, #3, and #4), these American-style edge bevelers are essential tools for achieving smooth and even leather corners.

Crafted from high-quality D2 steel, these edge bevelers offer exceptional durability and precision. The blades are specifically designed to remove square corners from leather edges, resulting in a professional and refined finish for your leather goods.

Product Specifications:

  • 0#: Groove width 0.6mm - Suitable for leather thickness 0.8-1.2mm.
  • 1#: Groove width 0.8mm - Suitable for leather thickness 1.2-2.0mm.
  • 2#: Groove width 1.0mm - Suitable for leather thickness 1.5-2.6mm.
  • 3#: Groove width 1.2mm - Suitable for leather thickness 2.2-3.2mm.
  • 4#: Groove width 1.5mm - Suitable for leather thickness 2.7-4.2mm.

Whether you're a professional leatherworker or a hobbyist, the KemovanCraft Leather Edge Beveler Set guarantees precise results and elevates the overall quality of your leather projects. Choose the appropriate size for your desired leather thickness and enjoy the enhanced craftsmanship that these bevelers offer.

Order your KemovanCraft Leather Edge Beveler Set today and experience the difference in your leatherwork!


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