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Detachable Leather Round Chisels

Detachable Leather Round Chisels

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KemovanCraft Detachable Leather Round Chisels Round Stitching Chisel Set 4/5/6MM

Holes diameter: 1mm (inner diameter)

4MM 2+6 Prongs
5MM 2+6 Prongs
6MM 2+6 Prongs

We also apply chisels' prongs/teeth for sell.

4 Major Upgrades:
-Brand new black body.
-Thicken handles. Make it more durable and strong.
-Chisels' prongs updated, made of SKD11. More sharp than the old version.
-Bigger scrap out holes.

Compared with the round pricking iron, this set could punch bigger holes and fits for round holes stitching.
The round pricking iron holes is small and fits for delicate leather works and for stitching turn over seam part which you don't want the stitch thread exposed.

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