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Adjustable Leather Creaser - Edge Creasing Tool

Adjustable Leather Creaser - Edge Creasing Tool

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KemovanCraft Adjustable Leather Creaser - Edge Creasing Tool
Elevate your leatherworking projects with our premium Leather Creaser, this essential tool ensures clean, crisp lines that add a touch of sophistication to any leather creation.

-Cocobolo handle
-304 stainless steel
-Well polishing finish
-Creasing tip width: 0.5mm,1.2mm,1.5mm

Usage Instructions:

Heat the Creaser: Use a heat source to warm up the creaser. The ideal temperature will depend on the type of leather and the desired effect.
Test on Scrap Leather: Before applying to your main project, test the creaser on a scrap piece of leather to ensure the temperature and crease width are to your liking.
Create the Crease: Glide the heated creaser along the edge or surface of the leather, applying consistent pressure for a smooth, even line.
Cool Down: Allow the creased area to cool and set before handling the leather further.

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